The Ultimate Healing Centre


The healing that I provide is very profoundly deep you will not find it anywhere else. You will not only get the healing, you will also learn and experience things that you would not have experienced before. Some previous clients have called it "As if being touched by magic". I never cease to be amazed by it, each person's experience is different and unique to them for what they require.


Healing or Reading Sessions Available


Ultimate healing - All Psychic, Shamanic and Mediumistic abilities are used. Aura and Soul are scanned and cleansed of all Attachments, Entities, Implants, Psychic debris are removed, Chakras are scanned, cleansed and re-aligned. Sound tools are used if required.

Shamanic healing - The use of sound tools and psychic abilities

A Journey - This can be done for one person or a small group. This is where we travel to the other side. Each person's experience is unique to them. Time is different on the other side. Each person is cleansed of all psychic debris.

Reading -  I allow from 1 up to 3 hours for your reading. You bring with you photos, jewellery, flower. From past experience in my readings anything can happen. For example a person on the other side may require healing from a traumatic death or incident or they may not realize they have died and require assistance.

An evening with a Medium - This is where you get a small group of 4 to 5 friends or family together at your house and I come to you. Everyone in the group receives a reading.

Sacred space clearing - This is House Energy Clearing. I come to your house and clear all the stagnant energy, entities or any other energies that I find that don't belong there.




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