The Ultimate Healing Centre



The benefits of having regular Massage Therapy

      Increase circulation

      Reduce/ alleviate pain

     Reduce muscle cramping, tenderness and tightness and swelling

     Reduce inflammation and congestion in your body

     Increase your flexibility and ability to move more freely

      Boost your immunity

      Reduce the effects of stress or anxiety

      Increase your body's ability to relax

      Increase your body's ability to repair

      Increase your ability to think more clearly

Treatments Available

Remedial Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Relaxation Massage

Sports Massage

Pregnancy Massage


Intraoral Myofascial Release - Done in the mouth. Good for teeth grinding, Jaw pain/ clenching, stress, Migraine headaches.

Cranial Sacral Balancing - Balancing of the cranial Sacral rhythm. 

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